“Just caught your show at Vinegar Hill. At the start of the show, you asked if anyone in the audience had seen The Band. My answer was "no." By the end of the show, if you had asked again if anyone in the audience had seen The Band, my answer would have been "I have now." Great show! Thanks” 9/22/18

“My wife and I just saw you guys at the Turning Point Saturday night and you blew us away. It was our anniversary and you guys made that night one of the best we've had in recent memory. We were just planning on dinner, then go somewhere for drinks, and instead we had a musical experience that will be up there with some of the best concerts I've seen. I never got to see The Band live, and seeing you guys felt like I just saw them.”

“They seem to do only two things for The Turning Point, but they do it well. The first thing they do well is the music of "The Band" and the second is filling the house for me! The music of The Band and a full house, what more could I ask for?” - John McAvoy (owner, The Turning Point)

“The Band does have a distinct sound; they were one of a kind. And what I heard on Saturday night at the Iron Horse did justice to their songs, and then some.”

“I saw them live last night and it was a mind-blowing experience. If you were too young to see The Band play live, these guys can take care of that for you!”

“Love The Band, and now The THE BAND Band.”

“I can't think of a band more deserving of tribute than "The Band". You do it pretty damn good too, not an easy task. Well done.”

“What a great job of bringing the sound of The Band to life again!”

“Your songs are a fitting tribute to one of the great bands to come from this planet. Nice work!”

“Your versions of THE BAND songs are spot on... great voices.”

“You fellas are, hands down, the best "tribute" Band (note capital B) that I have yet heard. And when you're covering the Greatest Canadian/American Band of all time, that is no slight praise.”

“The THE BAND Band may be the best band name since The Band.”

“You are really capturing the vibe of the Band's great songs, and putting your own stamp on it! Keep up the tremendous work and thanks for keeping The Band's music alive and kicking!”

“When i first saw an ad for The THE BAND Band, i was struck by the pose, same as The Band. checked them out. blown away. closest thing we can ever get to The Band now. and they are GOOD. very very good. catch them where and when you can." --Sylvia Shea Lapinski

“What an excellent show - I was slightly skeptical but they were excellent. Not just the songs (which they do really really well) but the spirit is definitely there."

"You fellas ROCKED Stanhope House!!!! And with the horn section no less!! The essence of The Band was evident... Levon, Rick, Richard wouldve been very pleased! Come back to NJ asap."

“People, go see The The Band Band, honestly, close your eyes and it's the originals. soooooo good it's scary."

“We absolutely loved hearing the Band's music played "LIVE". Thank you for keeping their songs alive! We traveled from Chicago ... worth the trip and then some.”

“You give great Band!”